The Design

B. Noted are unlike any cards you've ever experienced. So naturally, you may have a few questions. We hope we cover your question below. If not, please send us a message at 

Q: How big are B. Noted?

A: B. Noted are 3x3 inches square. They are meant to be passed like a note, or hidden for someone to find. 

Q: How many B. Noted come in a pack.

A: Eight envelopes and notecards are included in each pack of B. Noted. The packs include a variety of colorful envelopes and our signature violet or champagne notecards.

Q: Can B. Noted be sent through the U.S. Postal Service?

A: No. B. Noted are not suitable for sending in the mail. At just over 3 inches square, our little notes are best delivered by hand.

Q: How are B. Noted made? Who makes them?

A: Each and every B. Noted envelope is crafted by me; every stamp on the notecards are applied by hand. The variety of notes in each pack are curated individually. It's rare to find two packs of B. Noted that are the same.

Q: Why do all B. Noted have a heart die-cut? Can I purchase them without the heart die-cut?

A: The heart die-cut is a signature design element of B. Noted cards. A part of your notes stay with us. We keep every single heart cut from the envelopes. Check back regularly to see the Big B. Noted jar fill with hearts!

B. Noted without heart die-cut are not currently a part of the product line.