About B. Noted

She hid them in my piano books or sometimes in a coat pocket. I once found one stuffed in my mittens. On a white recipe card, my mom would write a simple message: Guess who loves you.... I do. -Mom

Her little notes made me feel so loved. They were a treasure found. A surprise when I needed a little encouragement or just to know that she was thinking of me.

My mom passed away when I was 14 - a difficult age for anyone to lose a parent. Over the years, I've taken comfort in studying her handwriting in recipe books; in her journals, and on the back of photographs. What I really long for though is one of the notes she wrote to me. Sadly, I didn't keep them.

I created B. Noted to encourage the kind of spontaneous and heartfelt communication that only a little note can convey - like my mom's did. The envelopes and note cards are specifically designed without ties to a birthday, anniversary or other milestone because letting someone know they matter needs no occasion. The bright, colorful envelopes make it possible for the giver to drop them anywhere and know they won't go unnoticed. I chose a weight of paper heavier than most greeting cards hoping B. Noted messages will be kept and treasured for many years. The note card is just over 3 inches square because a quick note with just a few words is all it takes to make someone's day. 

The best part about creating these notes is knowing that someone will feel the love and joy I felt from my mom's notes. Customers have shared stories of notes they received - the scribbled message left by their dad every day on the napkin in their lunchbox; a note to a neighbor that sparked a new friendship; a few words of encouragement written to a co-worker that remains on their desk years after it was written.

Our handwritten words matter.  B. Noted for spreading love and light.