Reusable Duster/Mop Sweater


Tired of buying boxes of one-use disposable Swiffer pads? This handmade option will save you money and send less waste to the landfill!

  • Hand-knit with durable cotton yarn.
  • Use wet as a mop or dry to capture hair and dust.
  • Cotton knit holds a perfect amount of moisture for mopping without needing to be wrung. Simply prepare a bucket of water and your favorite cleaner.
  • No more musty mop smell - throw the Reusable Sweater in the washing machine after each use!
  • Machine wash and dry - bounces back to shape perfectly every time!

Reusable Sweater fits Swiffer mop measuring 4.5 in. x 10 in.

I've used the same Sweater for 2 years to scrub floors (in a house with 3 dogs) and it still comes out of the washer and dryer perfectly! Pays for itself in less than 1 year!

Yarn is variegated with multiple colors. Choose a color "family." Your Sweater may not be the exact color shown in photos.