We've Got This

We've Got This!

We've Got This!

The last two weeks didn't exactly go as I had planned. I had big, ambitious goals to post more B. Noted designs, tackle a couple of closets in my apartment, make phone calls to set up appointments for my dad, organize my home office, workout more, cook, etc. etc. etc. I also was facing down some looming projects at work that I was determined to complete. However, when I woke up on Saturday morning two weeks ago, I discovered that my body had other plans for me. A bout of Shingles decided that now was the time to stop me in my tracks and force me to slow down.

But some things had to keep going, including a big, wonderful project at work that has the potential to significantly expand mental health services to youth living in rural areas. If you know me, you know there are few things I am more passionate about than delivering mental health services to all who need them. This project could not stand down to Shingles! It had to get to done and it had to get done in two days! I sent out my urgent calls and emails to my colleagues, and we rallied around this project to get it not only to done, but completed without compromising a single detail. Everyone turned on their "We've Got This" powers, and it came together. 

This week, my home state of Iowa was hit by a strange and horrific derecho storm that ripped through communities and farms leaving many without power or shelter. The devastation this storm left in its wake is truly heartbreaking; more than 170,000 Iowans are still without power in the sweltering heat of August. Homes were destroyed; farm equipment and buildings demolished. Iowans are rallying around their neighbors, even people they don't know offering their skills, tools, and time, and supporting those on the front lines like the dedicated and brave linemen who are working 24 hours a day to restore power. 

For all who show up with "We've Got This" and come to the aid of those in need: THANK YOU!  Your sentiments and actions help ease the anxiety, heartbreak, and helplessness so many are feeling right now. "We've Got This." It feels like the hug you need when you're hurting, the life vest you need when you're drowning, and the hope you need when all seems hopeless. 

One of my favorite organizations, Team Rubicon, is the epitome of "We've Got This." Check them out and see how these military veterans are deploying their skills and time to help others. 

Three simple words: We've Got This. 

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