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Finding a way to connect during Covid

Finding a way to connect during Covid

We are living in a strange time that none of us have any experience navigating. To say 2020 has been a rollercoaster demanding us to be flexible yet constrained, courageous yet cautious would be an understatement.

At this point, I just want to hug somebody (because I'm a hugger. How did you guess?) and drink an IPA on a packed patio. Sigh...

There are some silver linings though, and it lifts the spirit a little to hear about them. Early on in the pandemic when we were on a stay-at-home order here in Washington, a customer let me know how a B. Noted helped her connect to her elderly neighbor she had never spoken to before. She wrote her neighbor a short message and left it on her door. The next day, her neighbor (whom she now knows as Sharon) wrote back with a message of gratitude and a promise to stay in touch through the months ahead. 

Over the past several months, this single mom and elderly woman  have built a connection and a bond that they may never have had if not for the virus. They swap Lysol wipes, food, and masks, and check-in to see how the other is coping or in need of something the other has to offer. They both have benefitted from the connection that was sparked by one little note. 

There are little streaks of gold in the muck we're in right now. My hope is that you find something in your days that sparkles, and that you choose to share it with someone.



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